Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I vote for city elections?

Refer to our precinct map that designates precincts and their polling areas.


What ward do I live in?

We have a map for that too, that distinguishes all six wards.


How can I obtain a copy of official minutes/ordinances or other items of public record?

The City of Petal has a Public Records Policy and Procedure which allows any citizen to make a request in writing for any document of public record. City employees are then allowed 14 days to provide you with the information requested. Go to our Printable Forms section of the website to print a copy of the policy and a request form. You can also view our city council minutes and and ordinances online.


Are pets allowed on the walking track or at the City Parks?

At this time pets are not allowed on either of the city’s walking tracks, nor are they allowed in the park.


What are the requirements for hosting a garage sale?

You must obtain a garage sale permit from City Hall at the cost of $5.00 per garage sale. Garage sales may be held for two consecutive days, but cannot be held on a Sunday.


How do I get a business license?

Business licenses are obtained at City Hall. You will need to complete a privilege license application. You may pick one up at City Hall or download a PDF copy, print and fill it out and drop it off at City Hall. Depending on your business type you may be required to provide further documentation, including a state sales tax number, food permit, etc. For more information, please contact Lynn at 601-545-1776.


Where do I purchase a car tag?

Vehicle license plates are available at the Forrest County Tax Dept. located on the corner of W. Pine and Main St. in Hattiesburg, MS. For more information call 601-582-8228.


Where do I pay my property taxes?

Forrest County collects all county, city and school property taxes. The tax office is located on the corner of Pine and Main Streets in Hattiesburg, MS. Tax payments are received at City Hall by a representative from the county during the month of January. For more information on your property taxes please call 601-582-8228.


Where do I get a marriage license?

Marriage licenses are obtained through the Circuit Clerk of Forrest County.