Public Works Department

Street / Water / Sewer / Garbage

Director of Public Works:  Mike Trest

Water Operator:  Donald Wagers

Street Supervisor:  Buddy Creel

Water Supervisor:  Trevor Thorla

Assistant Water Supervisor: Amanda Richardson

Water Billing Office:  Angel Dye  ( Pay Bill Online )

Water Emergency On call Number  601-325-4832

Water Department Office Number  601-544-6981

Public Works Office Number  769-223-6328

Public Works Office

7am - 4pm  M-F

Water Office

8am - 5pm  M-F 

12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch

No Active Boil Water Notices At This Time

No Current Road Closures At This Time

Note: Wastepro will only empty blue top garbage cans which are issued by the City.  If you were not issued a blue top can, please call the Water Department at 601-544-6981.

If You Have Questions About What Day Your Garbage Is Picked up, Call Waste Pro At 601-264-7888

The Street Department has started replacing old street signs and also signs which have been taken.  We are working on areas throughout the City.